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"Do you need a ride home?"
- Jordan Parrish trying to subtly flirt with a strawberry blonde banshee. (via hausofhale)
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I don’t care what supernatural creature parish is. Just please don’t let him be evil for the love of God. He’s too cute and has a great butt.

  • 911: what's your emergency?
  • me: derek hale smiled and parrish is a supernatural creature


I like Parrish because he’s just a ‘go with the flow’ type of guy like

Ninja killing people? Okay.

Someone bombs the police station? Okay.

Suspicious boy turning up at a demolished home and his finger prints come up for a much older man? Mmmkay.

Pretty little lady in a house where a family died in and finds a meat locker full of dead people? Gee, this lady is pretty.

Pretty little lady a psychic? Okay.

Sheriff looks suspicious at times? Mmalright.

deaniebabyandsammywammy: Aha the ask box has arrived sorry anyway deputy parrish


  • parrish: weird stuff happens in this town
  • parrish: wow somebody is psychic??
  • parrish: hey those kids are always involved in the sheriff's cases
  • parrish: a dude with a mask tried to kill me
  • parrish: who cares i'm hot